Private Company Shareholders Insurance

Private Company Shareholders Insurance is an arrangement between a Private Trading company and one or more of its shareholders. The Company enters into an agreement with the shareholder to buy back his/her shares from his/her personal representatives on death.

  • The Company effects a life assurance policy on each shareholder covered by such an agreement
  • This provides the necessary funds on death to enable the company to complete the share “buy back”


  • Cost is borne totally by the Company and not by the shareholders personally no BIK for Directors! (see the difference in tax treatment in the information below)
  • On a death the surviving shareholders retain control of the company, as the deceased’s shares are bought back by the company and cancelled
  • The dependants of a deceased shareholder can realise their shares for cash quickly
  • Certainty of Ownership by remaining Directors
  • Fair and just provision for dependants of deceased Director
  • Peace of Mind!