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In A
Limited Company

Co-director Insurance allows the shareholders of a limited company to provide funds to purchase the share of a deceased shareholding.

In A

Partnership Insurance allows the partners of a partnership to provide funds to purchase the share of a deceased partner.

In A
Private Company

Private Shareholders Insurance is an arrangement between the company and its shareholders in the event of a shareholder’s death.

Key Person
Within A

A company can plan for the potential financial loss on the death or serious illness of anyone in the company, including directors.

Employee Protection

Your business is only as good as the people who make it so.

Group Life Assurance Cover

Group Life Cover is life assurance provided by a company for its employees (i.e. the premiums are paid by the employer to cover the employees)

Group Income Protection Cover

Income Protection is designed to provide an income for employees if they are unable to work for a prolonged period of time due to illness or injury

Company Valuations

Contact us for an estimated company valuation.

What Are The Stats?

There is a 55% chance that 1 in 3 directors of a company will die by the age of 65

Have you considered what would be the consequences for your business in the event of death or serious illness to one of the directors or partners? What would be the consequences for your family?

In the event of death, under normal circumstances, the shareholding of the deceased goes to their estate. What this means to the business is that the deceased family becomes the legal owner of the shareholding and by default the new business partner or director.

Surviving spouses or children may
» wish to come into the business
» wish to or refuse to sell their shares
» end up with unprofitable shares

Surviving shareholders may
» not wish to have the spouse or children as a partner or co-director
» not be in a position to purchase the shareholding
» not wish an outsider to buy the shares

We can provide a solution that
» preserves certainty of ownership by remaining directors
» is fair and just provision for the deceased’s dependants
» protects your exit plan
» gives you peace of mind

Mortality of directors aged 40

2 Directors

42% chance one dies before the age of 65

4 Directors

66% chance one dies before the age of 65

6 Directors

80% chance one dies before the age of 65

8 Directors

89% chance one dies before the age of 65

Mortality tables (AM92) published by Institute of Actuaries (UK) &
Critical illness tables (IC94) published by Society of Actuaries Ireland


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